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Leisure Holidays

Get the amazing travel experience in the most loved and dazzling destinations through the Leisure tour packages offered by More Than Travel. Choose from one of a kind custom deals for Leisure and premium travel. More Than Travel offer amazing experiences for domestic and international leisure holiday Packages.

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Leisure Holidays

Jaunts, no matter domestic or international enrich the life with beautiful memories and amazing experiences worth cherishing. Gratitude to the diversity of nature that blessed the earth with array of picturesque beauty like ocean, enticing landforms, and snow capped hills etc bestowing distinct experiences altogether. Not to miss the credit to the travel industry that strives hard to add ease, leisure and Leisure to even far off holidays through holiday's packages fabricated to accomplish the needs of explorer. Globe is a beautiful place to explore which is entrenched with numerous enchanting and astonishing destinations. With array of choices, you can plan for islands with beautiful coasts, Dry deserts, dense forests, hill stations, cities etc New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, America, European nations, Africa, Thailand, Dubai, Honk Kong etc.

More than travel, dates back to its inception have been designing travel packages to turn tours of its clients into finest lifetime experiences. We hold an expertise in crafting bespoke international and national packages with an emphasis to affordability and preferences of customers. Our expert team specializes in designing the blueprint of your tour from ticketing, hotel to transportation etc and its execution thereof. Hire the assistance of More than travel that comprehends the needs of your voyage comprehensively and proffer best Leisure holidays experiences at exotic locations to explore best of your destination.


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